100% cotton
heavy basic

Our positioning is the heavyweight basic line, with the increasing demand for consumer goods details. We chooseeach style carefully, one in a hundred, to meet the high demand The demand of end consumers. We will learn from famous brands their way of creation. In a minimalist world, we can only survive if we make it simple. We will focuson the development of pattern, fabric and color, and strive to be unique in the world of basic products.


Pure Cotton Times was established in 2012, with the vision of “Cotton changes the world”. Starting from a single piece of cotton, Pure Cotton Times innovatively researches and develops cotton textiles such as sweaters, trousers, T-shirts, etc.


The cotton is directly processed into “cotton cloth” within 2-3 days, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces pollution and carbon emissions.


Persist in cotton, adhere to environmental protection, adhere to dreams-the dream of caring for human health, the dream of protecting the earth’s homeland, the dream of warming life and pursuing happiness!